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Established in 2004 Los Reyes Clinica Medica (LRCM) is a paperless, modern, family practice office. We have two locations to better serve you. Our computerized medical system ensures a more accurate medical record, prompter service, and accessibility to any of our facilities. Our staff is caring, experienced, and bilingual to make your office visit pleasant and prompt. LRMC offers a variety of health care programs, CHDP, Family Pact, and in office Medi-Cal insurance worker. LRMC has a variety of modern diagnostic equipment for more accurate, convenient, and prompt diagnosis. We offer X-ray, Weight Control, HCG, Ultrasound, Full Body Scanning, Venous/Arterial studies (PADNET), Laboratory, Spirometry, I.V. Therapy (vitamin or antibiotic), and much more. Come and see the mixture of modern medicine and great medical care where the First Consultation Is Always Free!


About Us

Our staff and practitioners are bilingual and citurally diverse. We have a true understanding of our community. We put great value on personal relationships with our patients. Whether at the reception desk or in the examination room, you'll feel attended to at all times. 

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Our range of services

Here at Los Reyes Clinica Medica we practice in urgent care treatments to daily I.V. and weight control therapy. You can find out about all of the services we provide - from diagnosis to therapy.

We offer a variety of products and services

Complete Physical Exam is an easy low cost physical. It is available in any one of our locations. Complete Physical Exam includes all listed in the add. Walk in without an apointment or  Call to make an appointment                                    (323) 583-0450   (323) 584-9644.

The HCG Diet is one of the most effective diets on the market today. True HCG is only available in the United States with a perscription. We offer this diet at any of our locations. A physical exam is required before starting the HCG Diet Program. We offer the diet complete with supplies and colon cleanser. Call for more information

(323) 583-0450   (323) 584-9644

We offer a combination of natural and perscribed medicine treatments

Infusion Therapy has been a proven effective treatment for many years, At Los Reyes Clinica Medica we offer IV Infusion Therapy. It is only offered in our offices. Call our offices for more information.                                                               (323) 583-0450       (323) 584-9644

The Little Me Program is a childrens weight control program. We use a combination of natural vitamins & minerals to reduces hunger and inhance metabolism. Click on our online products to order online.

call for more information                                                        (323) 583-0450             (323) 584-9644

Discount Options

The Skinny Me Weight Control is an adult all natural weight control program. This program is not available in stores or nutritional centers and can only be offered on medical websites or medical offices. We have it available at the lowest price. Please contact our offices.


       (323) 583-0450               (323) 584-9644

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